Special Instructions

59th Annual Art in the Redwoods
In-person Exhibit Special Instructions


  • Single wall hung entry maximum of 60″ wide
  • Second wall hung entry maximum of 48″ wide or less
  • Third wall hung entry maximum of 48″ wide or less
  • Diptych and Triptych entries maximum of 60″ wide
  • Diptych and Triptych entries are one entry each and cannot be sold as individual pieces
  • 70 lb. weight limit for each entry
  • Any entry may be refused if it:
    • is exceptionally fragile
    • space is not available
    • does not adhere to these Exhibition Rules

See Exceptions and Special Circumstances for Glass entries and additional Weight information.


  • Ensure paintings are thoroughly dry
  • Picture Frames:
    • Must be strong and will be tested for sturdiness
    • Avoid plastic or clip frames 
    • Use strong metal picture wire minimum of 2″ affixed so that wire or hanger will not show when hung (saw tooth hangers discouraged)
  • Jewelry and small sculptures should be in display cases or shadow box frames for protection
  • Fabric entries must have handing tabs/sleeves with rod/dowel labeled with artist’s name


  • Exhibit Artist Binder will be available for one sheet per entry (description, artist statement, artist bio, etc.)
  • No supplementary materials allowed next to or around entries (labels, books, promotional materials etc.)


Weight & Glass Information & Exception

  • Entries within the weight limit – artists are requested to assist in handling large 3-dimensional artwork or furnish display stands if artwork requires
  • Entries exceeding weight limit – artists are required to participate in placement, Special intake required**
  • Glass entries proposed to be suspended, are fragile or complex – Artists are required to participate in entry placement, Special intake required**

Outdoor Entries Information

  • Must be non-permanent and removable
  • Must remain outdoors for the duration of the exhibit
  • Must be installed by Saturday, August 8, Special intake required**


  • Deliver artwork, 12 – 4pm, Sunday August 9, to Gualala Arts Center, 46501 Old State Highway, Gualala, California
  • Deliver in person at the above designated time
  • Shipped or mailed entries are not accepted. No exceptions!
  • Special intake on Saturday, August 8 must be scheduled in advance by August 1 ‐ call 707-884-1138 to schedule an appointment (see EXCEPTIONS AND SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES)
  • Removable labels will be produced and attached by Gualala Arts to the back of each entry upon take‐in
  • On take‐in day you will be provided with an Artist receipt for claiming unsold artwork at exhibit close
  • One Art in the Redwoods exhibit admission ticket per entry


  • Unsold artwork must stay up for entire exhibit
  • Buyers will be requested to leave purchases through Saturday August 15 or as long as possible but may take items upon purchase
  • Artist must claim unsold artwork Monday, August 31, 12 ‐ 4 pm or Tuesday September 1, 10 am ‐ 4 pm

Artist receipt or Sales receipt will be used for ownership or proof of purchase at pick-up

  • Artwork must be signed out
  • Gualala Arts is not responsible for the art left after 4 pm, September 1
  • $5 daily storage fee assessed to artist for unclaimed artwork after September 1


Gualala Arts, Inc. is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of artworks entered in the exhibit at any time in the exhibit process
  • Artist is solely responsible for their work
  • Artist should insure their work if they deem necessary
  • Gualala Arts will not ship purchases
  • Should potential buyer require shipment Gualala Arts will contact Artist
  • When Artist confirms their agreement/responsibility to package and ship Gualala Arts will complete the sales transaction
  • Submission of an entry implies acceptance of all conditions stated in this document


  • To change category classification of any entry.
  • To its sole discretion to refuse to display any artwork.
  • Gualala Arts Hanging Committee has complete discretion placing or positioning entries.
  • Artists may not request location of their work