Call for Artist Instructions




In this year of changes, our annual members exhibit, Art in the Redwoods, is transforming with us all. Along with this new online registration and artwork submission process, we are introducing online gallery displays, viewer feedback comments, and streaming awards announcements. If circumstances permit, there will also be an in-person exhibit with the first 350 submitted pieces displayed at the Gualala Arts Center.

Holding to our traditional wide range of categories – everything from oil painting to weaving – we are adding a new one: video clips. All Gualala Arts member-submitted pieces are accepted for Art in the Redwoods competition and awards. Art awards will total more than $5,000 this year, all provided by local sponsors. Award-winning artwork is selected by the Fine Art Exhibit judges, and our gallery viewers will be able to purchase your art directly from the online gallery.


Art in the Redwoods is a members-only exhibit, all entrants must be a member of Gualala Arts. If you are not currently a member, you may pay $32 for an individual membership with your entry, or go to and purchase your membership directly ($30 Individual, $50 Family).

Entries are limited to five (5) pieces of artwork per artist

Each Piece must:

-be entered by a living artist who created the artwork within the last two (2) years

-never have been previously exhibited at Art in the Redwoods

-have accurate representational images uploaded with EntryThingy submission

-be authorized for exhibit on our website

-be subject to judging and prizes

-be priced for sale or ‘NFS’ if any piece is not for sale (NFS item fee is double the Entry Fee)

-be shipped directly to purchaser – Gualala Arts will supply shipping information and Artist is responsible for all shipping

Special In-Person Exhibit Instructions:

-A hard limit of 35 characters (including blank spaces) for both the ‘Title’ and ‘Materials’ spaces on the entry form. In-person exhibit labels will be edited by staff if this limit is exceeded.

-If an in-person exhibit at the Gualala Arts Center is allowed to take place, please see SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS at: 

Gualala Arts reserves the right:

-to change category classification of any piece

-at its sole discretion, to refuse to display any artwork.

-only when Artist confirms their agreement/responsibility to package and ship, will Gualala Arts complete the sales transaction

-submission of an entry implies acceptance of all conditions stated in this document


Gualala Arts Membership ($32 with entry) is required in addition to the Exhibit Entry Fee

Exhibit Entry Fees:

-$10 per piece (for sale)

-$20 per piece if not for sale (NFS)

-$5 to change your entry after submission (call Kendra at 707-884-1138)

-Entry Fees are non-refundable

-Entry Fees for Artists under 18 years old are waived (call Kendra at 707-884-1138 for instructions before entry submission)


-Gualala Arts retains 30% commission on all art sales or multiples sales

-Artist payment checks will be issued within two weeks of the end of the month in which the sale was made, providing buyer confirms receipt of the piece

-It is Gualala Arts policy to request the artist submit to Gualala Arts 10% of any future sales generated as a result of the Art in the Redwood Exhibit. Send payments to: Gualala Arts P.O. Box 244, Gualala, CA 95445


Total more than $5,000!

$500 Best of Show

$100 Best Local Work (Jenner to Elk)

$100 Most Popular (voted by viewers)

$100 1st Place each category (blue ribbon) No entry minimum required

$ 75 2nd Place each category (red ribbon) 5 entries minimum required

$ 50 3rd Place each category (white ribbon) 10 entries minimum required

$100 Redwood Coast Land Conservancy

$100 Friends of the Gualala River

$100 Mendonoma Sightings

$100 Beading Excellence

$100 Emerging Artist (best work under 18)

Ribbon Judges Awards

Award presentations will be made at approximately 6 p.m. on Friday August 14 via Zoom. Artists are requested and encouraged to view the award presentations.


-Tuesday, July 28: Entry Deadline

-Saturday, August 8: Special intake for in-person exhibit (if allowed)

-Sunday, August 9: 12 ? 4 pm Deliver artwork to Gualala Arts Center, 46501 Old State Highway, Gualala, California for in-person exhibit (if allowed)

-Thursday, August 13: 2 – 4 pm Boxed Hat Dinner pickup. Call (707) 884-1138 to reserve your take-out fundraiser dinner box. Multiple menu choices.

-Friday, August 14: 6 – 7 pm Live streaming awards announcements posted on our website (, Facebook, Instagram, and via Zoom. Artists are requested and encouraged to view the award presentations.