Awards – 59th Annual Art in the Redwoods Online!

The heart of Art in the Redwoods is the Fine Arts Exhibit. For the first time, view the exhibit online!

Best of Show Award 
sponsored by Sea Ranch-Gualala Real Estate Company

  • Beatrice Acosta, Frivolo Frezando

Best Local Work Award 
sponsored by Westamerica Bank

  • Bill Apton, ‘Cala fornia Colors’

Figure Drawing Excellence Award 
sponsored by Gualala Arts Life Drawing Group

  • Carolyn Case, The White Dress

Beading Excellence Award In Honor of Jane Reichhold
sponsored by Bed Rock

  • Mo Quintana, Carved Bead Necklace

Emerging Artist Award 
sponsored by Colette Coad & Rozanne Rapozo

  • Stuart Susalla, Untitled Planetscape

Oil & Acrylics Award 
sponsored by Surf Market

  • 1st Place Karen Olsen-Dunn, Mendocino Glitch
  • 2nd Place Lisa O’Connor, Hey Tiger!
  • 3rd Place Chris Grassano California Quail

Water Media Award 
sponsored by Jane Kelley Bookkeeping

  • 1st Place DanaPetersen, Honey bees and Lavender
  • 2nd Place Andrea Allen, Sumi Chrysanthemums
  • 3rd Place Suzanne Dunn, Walk On Series: Seaweed Sketch 2

Prints & Graphics Award 
sponsored by Lighthouse Peddler

  • 1st Place Christopher Dewees, Spawning Chinook Salmon
  • 2nd Place Leslie Moody Cresswell, Expecting to Fly
  • 3rd Place Miriam Owen, Puppy Joy II

Sculpture Award
sponsored by Brennie Brackett Fine Art

  • 1st Place BodhiShakti, New Glory 2020
  • 2nd Place Jane Casner Mothersill, The Sculptress Sculpting the Sculptress
  • 3rd Place James Adrian Adams, Faces of Friends from past lives coming forth. Series #1

Monochromatic Photography Award 
sponsored by Independent Coast Observer

  • 1st Place Scott Sewell, Services Rendered
  • 2nd Place Ann Lee-Yen, Ethereal
  • 3rd Place Allen Vinson, Eric Gales at Delta Blues Festival 2020

Color Photography Award 
sponsored by Ferrellgas

  • 1st Place Mary Davenport, Raven Celebrity
  • 2nd Place Peter Sidell, Milky Way Over Bristle Cone Pines White Mountains October 2009
  • 3rd Place Geraldine LiaBraaten, Cloud Sharks

Digital Art Award 
sponsored by The Mac Link

  • 1st Place Patrick Ellis, Heartland
  • 2nd Place Alison Yerxa, Creek
  • 3rd Place Brian DeNova, Voices of the Ancients

Pastels & Drawing Award 
sponsored by Barry & Kathryn Weiss

  • 1st Place Michael Henderson, Sticks and Stones Series #2
  • 2nd Place Judy Pfeifer, Misty Wisconsin Road
  • 3rd Place Laura Williams, Redwood and ferns, pen and ink

Woodworking Award 
sponsored by John Bower

  • 1st Place Paula Haymond, Simple Twist of Fate
  • 2nd Place James Docker, Knife Block and Board
  • 3rd Place Art Dreyer, Gualala River Flotsam Hoard Harvest

Glass Art Award 
sponsored by Kennedy & Associates Real Estate

  • 1st Place Cynthia Myers, Humpback Whale Family
  • 2nd Place LeslieMoody Cresswell, Copperblue w/Silver, Fumed
  • 3rd Place Colette Coad, Tower of Beauty

Jewelry & Ornamentation Award 
sponsored by Ignacio Health Insurance Services

  • 1st Place Paige Likins, Heavenly
  • 2nd Place Joan Rhine, Homage to Modern Style Necklace
  • 3rd Place Kathryn Weiss, I’ve Got My Eyes on You

Clay & Mosaic Award 
sponsored by The Sea Ranch Foundation

  • 1st Place Bonnie Belt, Sky Dove Plum Blossom Branch Jar
  • 2nd Place Dennis Pedersen, Evolution
  • 3rd Place Dede Plaisted, ‘Coming Apart Becomes Me’

Fiber, Textiles & Soft Sculpture Award 
sponsored by Harmony Art Organic Design

  • 1st Place Elizabeth Solomon, Wonderland
  • 2nd Place Gerda Randolph, Finally, A Horse of My Own
  • 3rd Place Mirka Knaster, Adrift in Indigo

Quilts Award 
sponsored by Pacific Piecemakers Quilt Guild

  • 1st Place Dee Goodrich, No Way Out
  • 2nd Place Kendra Renee Stillman, Stars & Scraps
  • 3rd Place Marianne Jeffrey, Cut Wall Quilt

Collage, Mixed Media, & 2D Assemblage Award 
sponsored by Gualala Arts Collage Interest Group

  • 1st Place Manjula Dean, Rudra Yantra 3
  • 2nd Place donnalynn chase, What Happened…?
  • 3rd Place Sharon Nickodem, Summer

Weaving Award 

Jacquetta Nisbet Weaving Prize
sponsored by Susan & Jon Sandoval

  • 1st Place Jennie Lee Henderson, Untitled

Mele Halapua Cocker Award 
sponsored by Soana Halapua

  • 2nd Place Janice Sullivan, ‘SIP’
  • 3rd Place Verena Borton ‘Red and Blue in Harmony’

Video Clips 
sponsored by Mango Grits

  • 1st Place Dietrich Featherston, Lil the Dancer
  • 2nd Place Jeanine Pfeiffer, I am stitching myself
  • 3rd Place Simon Burnett, Fred’s World

Environmental Award 
sponsored by Adventure Rents Canoes & Kayaks

  • Elisabeth Gladstone, AbstractScape #2

Environmental Award 
sponsored by Friends of the Gualala River

  • Dana Petersen, Chickadee

Environmental Award 
sponsored by Redwood Coast Land Conservancy

  • JeaninePfeiffer, I am stitching myself

Mendonoma Sightings Award 
sponsored by Rick & Jeanne Jackson

  • Paul Brewer, Love

Judges’ Awards

  • Judy Pfeiffer, Walk in the Meadow
  • Jim Meilander, Lockset
  • Larain Matheson, Spirit Wall
  • Rose Easterbrook, Connected
  • Pamela Kieffer, ‘Into the Eye of the Cytokine Storm’
  • Patrick Ellis, Elvis in Quarantine
  • April Dammann, Privyleged
  • Gail Jackson, Velvet Sunset
  • Grace O’Malley, Dancing Trees
  • Paul White, The Great One
  • Keith Wilson, A SPACE ODDITY (homage David Bowie)
  • Tom Zizzo, Woman with Tie and Cigarette
  • beah haber, Flowing Into Union
  • Tim Brody, To The Sea
  • Anne Vernon, Netting in Blue & Ochre
  • Ezzie DeGiovanni, Untitled